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Unofficial Shade walkthrough (great thanks to Olaf Weging for his great job!):
  • download english Shade walkthrough [1MB/.doc]
  • download german Shade walkthrough [1MB/.doc]
  • download russian Shade walkthrough [1MB/.doc]

Shade patch 1.2 (includes patch 1.01, size 18MB)

The In-game "portal" saves are incompatible with this patch.
You can only use your previous "level start" saves.

Features Added

  • Special Time Combat mode added with 2 new deadly arenas.
  • Drawing a weapon does not stop the players movement.
  • Player transparency is disabled in the advanced options.
  • 32 new save points at the most critical places throughout the game.
  • Spell names in the magic shop appear if you are close to them.

Features Fixed

  • Player ingame messages ("I need a key") are now localized.
  • Smooth movement around corners is now easier to achieve.
  • Footstep sound in some cut scenes are fixed.
  • Keystroke names are now localized.
  • Subtitle word wrap problem is fixed.
  • Fast white strobe instead of start videos on some machines is fixed.
  • "Ammo" and "In Magazine" in the inventory are now localized.
  • Save messages are now localized.
  • Torch handle animation problem is now fixed.
  • Sprint jump while Sprint charge is disabled.
  • Problems with cut scenes on Norwegian windows are fixed.
  • Difficulty level multiplying with in game loading is fixed.
  • Slightly faster player's attacks.
  • L19(The house of Osiris) check board puzzle is fixed.
  • Full health cheat fixed.
  • To solve the problem with the player not reacting to movement keys you can enable "Force software device" checkbox in "Start/Program Files/Cenega/Shade/Setup Shade" to solve this problem.

This demo of third person horror action adventure game, transports you to the Burning Town level, revealing the mystical realms of the Middle Ages, then you arrive to the Temple of Seth level deep within Ancient Egypt.

Download Shade demo 1.01 [86MB]

Shade: Wrath of Angels - original soundtrack

Shade wallpaper 1

Shade wallpaper 1 - 800x600 [size 0.7 MB]

Shade wallpaper 1 - 1024x768 [size 1.1 MB]

Shade wallpaper 1 - 1280x1024 [size 1.5 MB]

Shade wallpaper 2

Shade wallpaper 2 - 800x600 [size 0.6 MB]

Shade wallpaper 2 - 1024x768 [size 0.9 MB]

Shade wallpaper 2 - 1280x1024 [size 1.3 MB]